Solar HeadshieldTM
Keeping you cool!
Solar HeadshieldTM

Solar HeadshieldTM is designed to be worn under caps, hats, hardhats and helmets by anyone exposed to direct sunlight. Solar HeadshieldTM blocks UV rays, reflects heat and reduces sweat. (Keep the head cooler and the body stays cooler!) Place the Solar HeadshieldTM inside your hat or helmet and experience the results for yourself!
Solar HeadshieldTM is great for construction workers,  roofers, road workers, farmers, landscapers, lifeguards, ball players, fishermen, cyclists and anyone exposed to direct sunlight.        Suggested Retail $14.97
What's Under Your Hat?
Catherine did a great job with her sales pitch to the people from Duck Dynasty and Swamp People! They will be sporting our Solar Headshields this summer!! Way to go Catherine!
Territorial Sales Managers Needed! Resume: